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Francis Dieter

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Allan Bird

T: 306-334-2573 | C: 306-331-5899

Tansi, Greetings Peepeekisis Citizenship,

On behalf of my family and the Nation, I would like to share with my fellow citizens, those that know me and those that don’t.

I have lived on the Peepeekisis Cree Nation with my wife, Lianne Bird for the past 35 years. I have four sons, fourteen grandchildren and five great grandchildren. As our old ones say it’s a blessing to see your generations grow before your eyes. We all live on the Nation or within a hour distance; Regina, Balcarres.

I have been fortunate to be a leader as title of councillor and Headman for the Nation for many years and a tradesman in the carpentry/ construction field. Contractor, sub contractor, cabinet /millwork, plumbing, Housing Coordinator, Manager, Director. I also worked for five years for Yorkton Tribal Council as housing inspector and Director of Technical Services. It was a great experience and opportunity to net work with many great people. I also enjoyed the years working as housing capacity or Leadership.

I have participated at the tables with many Peepeekisis Chiefs and fellow leadership, ladies and men. I have sat with Chief and twelve council and Chief and four headpersons. This journey has been a learning experience, with challenges, hardships and victories. Peepeekisis is my pride growing up with the Veterans, membership, peers, and our young. We are a diverse Nation with many skills and talents. We have one of the highest Post Secondary number of educated citizens and our sports were legendary. We have succeeded many firsts through out Indian country. We have made our Nation known to all.

I support our Strategic plan and look forward to its development, Independence, Economic Development and Culture and Language. Through this plan you see the opportunity that the government of the day supports through funding and reconciliation.

We, as Peepeekisis, have to take that pride in identity, in knowing who we are and never forget that we are apart of a great Nation. The indigenous of these lands.

We have to respect our Ancestors who have did their best to make a good future for all.  As citizens we should all do the same, teach our children their identity, roles, respect and to live a clean healthy life for themselves and their children. I try my best to do this in my home as I seen the damage to a family from alcohol/drug abuse.

Never forget you are a Treaty partner; our forefathers signed a sacred document recognizing who the signatories and their respected Nations were. Our ancestors who didn’t speak English but lived with their culture a daily life and their language. They lifted their Pipes in prayer seeking guidance respecting Creators creation that was provided. Everything had a spirit like the two parties negotiating this Treaty 4, they called upon Creator and the helpers of all directions spiritual and the ancestors to make sure the written words were honourable and will take care of the future Nations people.

As long as the sun shines, grass grows, rivers flow.

I would like to say in closing that we have came along way and will be here a long time, lets support our Strategic plan and build our Nation. The governments of the day want to work with us, understanding we are resilient people like our lands and won’t go away only grow and grow. This year 2020 offers opportunity for Peepeekisis Cree Nation.

Thank you

William Desnomie

T: 306-334-2573 | C: 306-331-6330

I’m the 7th Child of nine from the family of George and Evelyn Desnomie, Born and raised on Peepeekisis First Nation, I lived on the Nation until I  was 18, and enjoyed ball, hockey, golf and curling. I’m thankful for all the support I received from the Nation as we pursued our dreams. I was fortunate to go to provincials in Ball, Curling, hockey and golf, and won many gold medals at the summer games in ball, but thankful for all the support from the family and reservation.

I graduated grade 12 from Balcarres High School 1985, basically mom and dad expected this from the kids. But during my teens I had a strong sense of pursuing something bigger and bolder, I entered Canadian Bible in Regina and graduated in 1992 (First FN to do so), and further educated myself at the Canadian Theological seminary in some master classes, and finally graduating from SIIT in 2000 with a Diploma in Management studies (with distinction), I currently enjoy learning the aspects of governance and management.

My work consisted of many areas, Pastoral and street outreach program, Regina Native Services at General and Pasqua Hospitals, Management at Peepeekisis FN as band manager, YTCICFS Yorkton in office management and field work, Post Secondary and SITAG coordination at Cowessess and Sakimay FN’s. I currently oversee a few churches in Fort and Yorkton.   

Married in 1986 to my beautiful wife Tilly originally from the Keeseekoose First Nation, and is a nurse on Sakimay FN. I have two Children Kelly (carrier), William Jr, and two grandsons, Wyatt and Liam (William Desnomie the 1V), we currently live in the RM of Grayson and own our home with a quarter section.

I enjoy working for the FN and sit on the Health, ICFS, and Rec portfolios, and have the new hall, governance, File Hill’s colony claim files (all shared)

It’s a pleasure to serve….

Headman William Desnomie

Richard Ironquil

T: 306-334-2573 | C: 306-331-8841

Hello my name is Richard Ironquill, I am the son of Joe Ironquill and Fran Ironquill. I have lived on Peepeekisis Cree Nation all my life. I am a father of 6 and my wife is Noreen. I have been a Headmen since December 2018, my portfolios include; Justice, Education, and Elders. I also sit on the File Hills Police board and the FSIN justice task force on policing and corrections on gang strategy.

Colin Stonechild

T: 306-334-2573 | C: 306-551-0972

Good day Peepeekisis my name is Colin Stonechild, for those of you who don’t know me my Grandparents were Victor (Boss) Daniels and Margret (Peggy) Stonechild. My parents were late Stan (pumpkinhead) Stonechild and Teresa Ironstand. I grew up off the First Nation and I have been elected as your headman this past election. I share sports and recreation and I sit on the economic development committee.  I look after the Cannabis store on the first nation and looking for more economic development to come to Peepeekisis Cree Nation

If you have any concerns or suggestions please feel free to contact me. 

Ernest Standingready

Director of Operations
T: 306-334-2573
C: 306-621-4766

Sybil Poitras

Finance Director
T: 306-334-2573
C: 306-331-4081

Donna Desnomie

Director of higher learning & training
T: 306-334-2573
C: 306-331-8664

Arlene Cyr

Director of Health
T: 306-334-2780
C: 306-331-7146

Cordell Pinay

Capital & Infrastructure
T: 306-334-2573
C: 306-331-9130

Donelda Sapp (Joy)

Director of Education
T: 306-334-2573
C: 306-331-6165

T: 306-334-2573

Maurice Nokusis

I.A. Administrator
T: 306-334-2573

Shellayna Keewatin

Finance Clerk / Income Assistance

Nina Pratt

Administrator Assistant

Selena Dieter

Human Resource Manager

Raquel Pinay

Casual Administrator Assistant
T: 306-334-2573
C: 306-331-0581

Wendy Taypotat

Finance Clerk
T: 306-334-2573
C: 306-331-6873

Charles McNabb

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C: 306-620-6632

Vanessa Daniels-Starr

Governance and Executive Services Coordinator
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C: 306-331-8278