peepeekisis Pesakastew School k-12

Pesakastew School is a K-12 school located in the heart of Peepeekisis Cree Nation, Canada.

We are proud to provide students with a safe learning environment which encourages students to spread their wings and seek out their dreams – whether they are interested in teaching, social work, graphic design, or plumbing. Our students are encouraged to embrace their culture and traditional values as they grow into young men and women and we are dedicated to promoting Cree culture throughout the school.



School number: 1-306-334-3100


Staff Directory:

Education Portfolio Headman Blaine Pinay

Director of Education Joy Sapp



Principal David Still


Kindergarten Alison Nanai                       Grade 2/3 Cyrstal Starr

Grade 1 David Beck                                    Grade 4/5 Denise Ketchemonia

Grade 6/7 Holley Rope                              Grade 8/9 Connie Bear


Vera Tourangeau

Jessica Ketchemonia

Dennis Suewood


Land Based Instructor Chris Bird             Resource Room Teacher Lianne Bird


 Receptionist Sheri Merasty

Maintenance Doug Mckay, April Desnomie, Jacqueline Dieter

Chef Dana Desnomie

Librarian Janice Koochicum



Staff Employed at Peepeekisis School

Yearly Average Grade 12 Graduates

Post-Secondary Students Enrolled

Elementary and Highschool Students Enrolled (2022)