• The Peepeekisis Health Center provides various programs and services that are holistic in nature to the community members of the Peepeekisis Cree Nation. The goal is to increase the overall health status of community members by providing effective education and awareness, prevention programming and intervention and support. The services are coordinated using an integrated approach. Policies and procedures have been developed to keep within the guidelines of the programs as directed by the funding agencies and the Chief and Council of the Peepeekisis Cree Nation.

Programs and services offered at Peepeekisis Health Centre include:

    • Community Health Nursing
    • Home & Community Care
    • Community Addictions Prevention Program/Youth Addictions Counselling
    • Brighter futures
    • Maternal Child Health
    • Medical Transportation Services
    • Hands on Healing- Anita Jackson
    • Nurse Practitioner
    • Parent Mentorship
    • Child Dentistry 

Health Center Number: 306-334-2780

  Staff Directory:

  • Health Portfolio  Headperson Debbie Hill
    Health Director Arlene Cyr
    Support Clerk

    Raquel Pinay, Dwayne Cote

    Janitor Donna Desnomie
    Medical Drivers Walter Mcnabb, Shawn Pinay
    Community Health Representative  Mindy Koochicum
    Brighter Futures Denise Stonechild
    Community Health Nurse Lori Komarychka
    NNADAP Desmond Desnomie
    Mental Health Therapist Corrine McArthur
    Prevention Worker Amanda Desnomie 
    Home Care Worker

    Charlene Horsman