Infrastructure & Housing 

Capital & infrastructure covers a broad spectrum of service activities essential to the smooth operation and protection of the community. Duties include but not limited to; fire service protection, maintaining, repairing, and coordinating the replacement of the infrastructure in Peepeekisis and currently overseeing roads, driveways, five community buildings, pow wow grounds, rodeo grounds, one Water treatment plant, one underground water distribution system, underground wastewater systems, sewage pumping station, sewage lagoon, septic systems, individual lagoons, and cisterns.

Infrastructure has a staff of 12 plus contractors and casual employees to deliver the service program in the community. Water delivery is scheduled for five days a week; the treatment plant operates 24/7, sewage pump-outs are scheduled for seven days a week, household garbage collection is scheduled for Tuesday & Thursday, plus annual community clean-up.

Maintenance of roads includes:
Grading all roads.
Debris removal.
Cutting grass in ditches.
Repairing roads as and when required.

For housing application please contact Misty Nokusis at the infrastructure building 1-306-334-2587

Number of Housing Units, On-Reserve

Houses with Cistern

Houses with Well  (2022)

Houses Piped to Water Treatment Plant

Houses with Lagoon or Jet (2022)

Houses with Septic Tank (2022)

Houses with Infiltrator system (2022)

Houses Hooked up to Sewer Line (2022)

 Mound Sewer (2022)